Privacy Policy

Pattern Sales:

All pattern sales through this website are implemented by Ravelry, for each purchase I receive a copy of the download email that is sent out, this is provided by Ravelry so that sellers have proof of delivery. These emails are deleted by myself as I prefer to use the sales record held on the Ravelry website.  You can view Ravelry’s full privacy policy here.


All pattern sales through Ravelry are processed through Paypal.  All of the information regarding the sale is held by Paypal and I have access to this information. When I download sales information from Paypal it does not include any personal information only sales figures. You can view PayPal’s full privacy policy here.


The Verily Claire newsletter is sent out via Mailchimp.  You can change your preferences or unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time via the links provided at the bottom of the newsletter.  When you subscribe to the newsletter you must provide an email address and first name, this information is stored by Mailchimp, I do have access to this information but do not store it anywhere.  You can view Mailchimps full privacy policy here.

Direct mail and contact form:

When you get in contact with me either via the contact form on this website or via the email address listed at the bottom of all patterns you are required to provide your name and email address.  The emails that I receive will be stored on my own email provider for up to six months, this is so that I have a record of our discussion should you get in touch again about an issue or should I need to provide you with further information.  These emails always remain private and will never be shared.

Third party pattern sales:

Some of my patterns are also available to purchase via Love Knitting and Knit Picks. I receive no purchaser or order details from either company only monthly/quarterly statements of earnings.  You can view Love Knitting’s privacy policy here. You can view Knit Picks privacy policy here.