Gifting Season

Are you knitting gifts this year? For others, or yourself of course? If you are why not take advantage of some discounted patterns.

Over on Ravelry at this time of year Gift-A-Long happens, where hundreds of designers offer a 25% discount on some of their patterns and there’s also great fun to be had in the gift-a-long ravelry group. You can find a bundle of Verily Knits patterns that are to be discounted here together with all the info you need to get the discount. For more information see the Indie Design Gift-a-Long group on ravelry.

I wouldn’t want any off-ravelry knitters to miss out on these discounts so I have added the same 20 patterns to a bundle on payhip, you can find there here, just use the code NOVGIFT there to get 25% off those patterns from now until the end of 30th November.

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