Introducing Aglow

Combining the style of a lace shawl with the ease of wear of a cowl I created Aglow.

This super pretty cowl is knit all in one piece from the top down; first you knit the neck section flat, then the large lace edge is knit in the round, the lace edge can also be knit to any length desired.

I chose this gorgeous gold and maroon colour combination as I wanted a bold statement of a cowl; but colour combinations are unlimited, choose similar colours for a more subtle effect, or work each lace section in a different shade for a rainbow cowl.

This pattern is suitable for an adventurous beginner and has both written and charted instructions.

You’ll need 190yds / 174m of main colour and 140yds / 128m of contrast colour 4ply / fingering weight yarn plus 2 stitch markers.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here, on Payhip here, or on LoveCrafts here.

Sea Holly

I completely forgot to blog about July’s entry into The Changing Seasons ebook.

This is Sea Holly, a triangular shawl knit from the top down incorporating small cables and lace.

Inspired by the spikey leaves and curly flowers of the Sea Holly plants that are so prevalent amongst the sand dunes near where I live.

This shawl is knit in 4ply / fingering weight yarn, although you could use a lighter or heavier weight if preferred. I chose Rainbow Heirloom merino light, a 100% merino 4ply yarn for my shawl.

Size is completely customisable, my shawl measures 76″ wide x 30″ at deepest point (193x76cm) and used slightly less than 200g of yarn.

If you’d like to knit your own Sea Holly you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here, on LoveCrafts here or on Payhip here.

Introducing Erstwhile

I love mosaic knitting, creating patterns out of simple knit and slipped stitches is something I seriously enjoy and here is my latest mosaic design.

Erstwhile is a large triangular shawl knit from the top down using three colours.

Knit in 4ply / fingering weight yarn, I chose two neutral shades for the main sections and a super bright orange for the third colour. I’d love to know what colours you would chose, do send me a photo if you decide to knit your own Erstwhile.

You can get the pattern on ravelry here, on lovecrafts here or on payhip here.

Sandscape, a new shawl pattern for June

The new pattern to be added to The Changing Seasons ebook is Sandscape. June, the beginning of summer and the perfect month for a stroll along the beach. With it’s geometric lines and large lace panel Sandscape was inspired by the many shells washed up along the shoreline.

Sandscape is knit in 4ply / fingering weight yarn, I chose Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Lucille as it is the perfect sandy shade and the yarn has a wonderful drape.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here, LoveCrafts here, or Payhip here.

You can purchase The Changing Seasons ebook on Ravelry here.

Taking Root, a new hat pattern for May

The latest pattern to be added to The Changing Seasons ebook is Taking Root. To me May is the time of abundant growth and this hat has an abundance of tiny cables growing all around.

Taking Root is knit in 4ply / fingering weight yarn, I chose Malabrigo Sock in shade Polar Morn for my version, there are some wonderful shades to choose from in this yarn, find and purchase Malabrigo Sock yarn here. (affiliate link)

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry here, Lovecrafts here, or Payhip here.

Taking Root also has a gorgeous and intricate crown:

Spring colours and inspiration

Way back in March 2020 when I decided to create an ebook of knitting patterns inspired by the changing seasons here in the UK the first thing I started thinking about was the colours associated with each season. I wanted each pattern to reflect the month that it was inspired by in every way from texture, to motifs and also colour.

When you think of spring the colour that instantly comes to mind is bright green, the colour of new leaves and plant shoots and that colour and those images are what inspired April’s pattern Verdant Echo (shown above).

But on the walks around my local area I realised that spring also included a lot of greys and browns; here in the UK March to May can often be more damp, overcast and muddy than green.

So I decided that mud would be the focus for March; soil isn’t always the most inspiring subject but I realised that all of the empty fields were and that is where the inspiration for Fallowed (below) came from.

And for May…. well the weather forecast for next week is for rain which is very fitting for the next pattern in this series as this pattern is inspired by all of the new growth that happens in spring and the rain that is needed for that growth. The weather may be overcast but the patterns it inspires can be beautiful.

If you would like to get this ebook of patterns you can find the details here (ravelry link). The ebook, called The Changing Seasons is a collection of 12 patterns with a new pattern being released in the first week of every month until February 2021.

Introducing Ultra Violets

I love mosaic knitting, creating patterns using only knit and slipped stitches is a wonderful challenge that I really enjoy.

This shawl pattern was inspired by the yarn; the colours were chosen by my boys, and to be honest they are colours I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself. But the eye-searingly bright neon yellow just needed a big bold pattern to show it off, and that’s how Ultra Violets was born.

This shawl is knit sideways from one corner, this means that you can continue repeating the flower pattern for as long as you like to get a shawl that is the perfect size for you. My version is measures 62″ a long the top edge and 26″ at the deepest point.

There is an introductory discount on this pattern available until the end of Monday 5th April, you can find all the details and purchase the pattern on Ravelry here or Payhip here.

It’s been a while…..

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely overhauling the Verily Knits website, it has been rather neglected for the past few years, but now it has a shiny new look and a new web address

Going forward all new patterns will be added here and include links to both Ravelry, Payhip and sometimes also LoveCrafts and KnitPicks for where to purchase the pattern.

You can find all Verily Knits patterns on Ravelry here, on LoveCrafts here, patterns are also currently being added to Payhip here, and those patterns using Knit Picks yarns you can find here.

As well as adding all new patterns here I hope to also give some insight into my design process and inspiration, for now if you’d like to see what I am working on you come and say hi on instagram @verilyknits

An alternative to P2tog tbl

Sometimes you need to work directional decreases on both sides of your knitting and this often involves P2tog through the back of the loops which is a rather awkward stitch to work.  So let me guide you through an alternative way to work this stitch which I think is much easier on the hands and the final stitch looks exactly the same as a P2togtbl but requires less acrobatic hand maneuvers. There is also a video right at the very end of this post.

Step 1: insert your right hand needle into the next 2 stitches just as you would when doing a P2tog


slide these 2 stitches on to the right hand needle.
Step 2: bring the left needle up and under these two stitches and slide them back on to the left needle


the stitches have now been twisted:


Step 3: Now purl these 2 stitches together just as your would a regular P2tog


As you can see on the right side you now have a left leaning decrease that looks just the same as P2togtbl:


You can also view this tutorial on YouTube: