Welcome to Verily Claire

After an 18 month hiatus I’ve returned to the blogging world with a brand new name and website. Verily Claire is all about my adventures in knitting (and other crafts); as well as featuring my knitting patterns I will be focusing on useful tutorials, fun projects and some helpful advice.


But it won’t be all about knitting, one of the reasons I decided to change my website name to Verily Claire from Verily Knits is because I want to feature other crafts, other people and other fun ideas.

So please do come and follow me on my crafting adventure, there’ll be lots of yarn, possibly some glue, almost definitely some cake and hopefully plenty of fun too.

This website is still partly under construction, but over the coming weeks I will be adding pages for all of my knitting patterns and a place for my previously published tutorials.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Verily Claire

  1. I just purchased madrigal pullover pattern and noticed that chart A doesn’t match the picture of the charted pattern. Is there an update or correction somewhere that I am not aware of? Also, when it says “no stitch place holder”,on the first round after completing the upper edge, makes no sense. Can you please explain. Thanks, Elaine


    1. Hi, the Madrigal pattern is correct and there are no corrections/errata. The no stitch placeholder just means that there is no stitch to be worked in that square, you can ignore all of those darker squares. So for example on the first round of chart A you will work *K2 in MC, K1 in CC, K2 in MC; rep from * to end.


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