It’s been a while…..

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely overhauling the Verily Knits website, it has been rather neglected for the past few years, but now it has a shiny new look and a new web address

Going forward all new patterns will be added here and include links to both Ravelry, Payhip and sometimes also LoveCrafts and KnitPicks for where to purchase the pattern.

You can find all Verily Knits patterns on Ravelry here, on LoveCrafts here, patterns are also currently being added to Payhip here, and those patterns using Knit Picks yarns you can find here.

As well as adding all new patterns here I hope to also give some insight into my design process and inspiration, for now if you’d like to see what I am working on you come and say hi on instagram @verilyknits

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