Introducing Ultra Violets

I love mosaic knitting, creating patterns using only knit and slipped stitches is a wonderful challenge that I really enjoy.

This shawl pattern was inspired by the yarn; the colours were chosen by my boys, and to be honest they are colours I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself. But the eye-searingly bright neon yellow just needed a big bold pattern to show it off, and that’s how Ultra Violets was born.

This shawl is knit sideways from one corner, this means that you can continue repeating the flower pattern for as long as you like to get a shawl that is the perfect size for you. My version is measures 62″ a long the top edge and 26″ at the deepest point.

There is an introductory discount on this pattern available until the end of Monday 5th April, you can find all the details and purchase the pattern on Ravelry here or Payhip here.

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