Spring colours and inspiration

Way back in March 2020 when I decided to create an ebook of knitting patterns inspired by the changing seasons here in the UK the first thing I started thinking about was the colours associated with each season. I wanted each pattern to reflect the month that it was inspired by in every way from texture, to motifs and also colour.

When you think of spring the colour that instantly comes to mind is bright green, the colour of new leaves and plant shoots and that colour and those images are what inspired April’s pattern Verdant Echo (shown above).

But on the walks around my local area I realised that spring also included a lot of greys and browns; here in the UK March to May can often be more damp, overcast and muddy than green.

So I decided that mud would be the focus for March; soil isn’t always the most inspiring subject but I realised that all of the empty fields were and that is where the inspiration for Fallowed (below) came from.

And for May…. well the weather forecast for next week is for rain which is very fitting for the next pattern in this series as this pattern is inspired by all of the new growth that happens in spring and the rain that is needed for that growth. The weather may be overcast but the patterns it inspires can be beautiful.

If you would like to get this ebook of patterns you can find the details here (ravelry link). The ebook, called The Changing Seasons is a collection of 12 patterns with a new pattern being released in the first week of every month until February 2021.

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